Level 5

Unit 5


In our setting we have many ways in which we reflect our practice. We have appraisals which involve in a supervision done by a manager then they will present three strengths and three weaknesses within your job role. They are discussed between yourself and the manager in which ways you can achieve more and how to improve on your weaknesses. We also have a performance review in our appraisal which reflects on how you have been performing in your job role and then if you can improve any skills or knowledge the manager will discuss what courses will help you. In our setting we have staff meetings with the whole team to reflect on our setting as a whole, to reflect what’s going good and what areas are lacking in skills, see discuss any changes to staff or any concerns about children in our care. Also in our meeting we reflect on our policies and producers to ensure all staff members are practicing them as they should be. We also have room area meetings for the staff that work closely together to share and reflect on their own area so they then can discuss any concerns that they may have and how they can improve and weaknesses. Motivation is very important to all staff as this will give them confidence to achieve more and will help them reflect on their own performance and improve any skills they may be lacking. It is important for each member of staff to understand what their strengths and weaknesses are so they are able to improve their skills and achieve further goals that is possible.


Reflection on practice is highly relevant and helpful towards continuous professional development. It’s also helpful in childcare settings. Reflective practice is a very adaptable process, it sets ideas for you and helps you with training, learning, your personal performance and development.   Also importantly self-improvement is a big reflection to take. If you are reflecting on your practice you should step back from the situation and take some time to...