Level 5 Nvq

Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role.
      1.1 As a Unit Manager Part of my job role is to be able to communicate with a range of groups and individuals. I change the use of my language on a variant of levels dependant on the target audience. I mostly deal with both young adults and elderly who respond effectively to language relevant to them, this is within a relatively informal setting.

      1.2 I am fully responsible for sharing information across a wide range of professionals, family members, including social services, health workers and multidisciplinary teams and so on. My approach is required to be of a more professional nature when dealing with them. I have to verbally communicate to all of the above but this also has to be achieved via email, telephone and postal correspondence. It is vitally important that I am able to do so clearly and effectively.

      1.3 On a daily basis I have to communicate with management team and colleagues either verbally, telephone or via email. This can be challenging with members of staff who are from different countries and cultures and it has to be certain that we understand each other. This can be overcome by trying to adapt to that persons culture within text, phrases body language or recognising certain phrases.

      1.4 I am responsible in ensuring that I train and develop all staff knowledge and understanding on how to change and develop their use of language, communication techniques in order to break down any barriers that they may face, when dealing with elderly people directly. Disabled, suffering from a form of mental health i.e. dementia or illness, frustration, elderly resident may be upset, confused or making communication difficult. I ensure that I and staff understand how to be patient and sensitive and able to respond appropriately to different behaviours. I and staff all receive dementia training which promoted the understanding in my practice to take into...