Level 5 Leadership for Health and Social Care Unit 538

Unit 538

1.1 Domiciliary services must be run in accordance with current legislation and fundamental protocols to protect the service user and ensure they receive the best care at all times. As a domiciliary service provider, I would run the service in a way that is legal and recommended within local and national protocols and limitations. Much of the current legislation regarding health and social care is of increased importance with regards to domiciliary care as it involves carer’s lone working in a client’s own home. For example, domiciliary carers would be exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 as the safety of the service user is of paramount importance, so I would ensure that any carer’s doing domiciliary work for me would have an up to date DBS with no criminal convictions regarding vulnerable people.
Evidence based research with regards to health care is critical in keeping procedures and policies up to date and the most practical they can be. For example, depending on the situation, it might not be in the best interests of the client to stick rigidly to company policies and procedures. In this case, evidence based research from experience can help in the adjustment of said policies to ensure the service runs as best as possible for both the staff and the clients. I would encourage my staff to discuss any procedures they aren’t fully happy with and ask for their input if they feel things should be done differently. A successful business will experience much trial and error when it comes to procedures and good communication between office staff and field staff of this evidence based research is vital.
1.2 I would complete an assessment with the client to determine the nature of the care they require. From this I would place the minimum number of care workers to ensure the client gets the continuity of care they need and are also able to build a relationship with their carer/carers. From my own visit and conversations with the client, I...