Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care Unit 531+510

Unit 531 – Understand how to manage a team
  1. Understand the attributes of effective team performance

      2.1 Define the key features of effective team performance
The definition of a team is a group of people who work together, to build a excellent team requires a number of factors
  1. Strong Leadership. It takes strong leaders to build strong teams, leaders who are not afraid to make decisions and establish standards of performance that are constantly being met – and improving all the time. A strong leader will lead by example and earn the respect of the team which is paramount as without a leader a team would fall apart.
  2. Mutual Respect. To create an effective team everyone needs to share the same goals and ideals. If everyone has mutual respect for each other then they will be more inclined to listen to everyone else’s views and ideas and where problems arise they work together to solve them
  3. Promote The Team. Rather than using I or me the important words should be we and us, it is the team that is important not the individual (although the individual is important it is when they are part of a team that they should be most effective)
  4. Equality. The whole team recognises that we are all working together and making a contribution. Everyone is encouraged to take responsibility. If praise is due then the whole team is   praised
There are several ways that I can contribute to creating a strong and effective team
I encourage staff to bring fresh ideas to the “table” because no matter how good the service you are providing is, there is always a way of improving it. I achieve this effectively by having regular open-ended team meetings where everyone is encouraged to voice their opinions or concerns
I organize teams trying to give each member of staff a clear role that plays to their strengths or helps to improve on their weaknesses
I try to give staff members more responsibility as they gain more experience. This shows that their...