Level 5 Diploma in Care Unit 11

supervisions are used to determine lots of different aspects within the company to create a positive pathway and smooth running of the company meaning that service users receive the best quality of service. Before I do supervision I will usually do an observation on that employee’s work I would also give that member of supervision form to fill out and bring with them to the meeting were we would evaluate their work through discussion a supervision ensures that that person is working to a high standard and adhering to our companies policies and procedures   it will also address the need for development and skills and weather a person needs more training in different fields its helps find a person’s strengths weaknesses and potential and lows you to know what to focus on to help that individual be more productive and meet there own goals in there career.
Supervises encourage communication boosts moral helps identify any management issues a person’s work load and any grievances so that they can be dealt with in the correct manor to create a positive outcome   a good supervision will give a person a sense of professional development and self-esteem and help to promote leaning and reflective work.   A supervisor should never be negative towards a member of staff and should only ever be used as a professional tool to create positive working outcomes.
The national care minimum standards domiciliary care standard 13 states
That staff are supervised and their performance appraised to promote the delivery of quality care services the criteria that the company has to adhere to is all people leading the supervisions must be trained to do so the police and procedure for that company sets out the arrangements for the frequency of supervision and parasol our policy states that each employee will have a one hour supervisor every 3 months.
The criteria also   states that the supervisory staff report any serious and /or recurring issues to the manager to be dealt with accordingly...