Level 5 Diploma Care Unit 516

1.1 - The organisation I   work for has its own Child protection Policy and procedures, the document has 3 parts to it, 1, The Policy 2, Detailed procedures for staff to follow and general guidance for staff to adhere to. The Policy is based on the most recent government guidance, "Every child matters"(2003), Working together to safeguard children (2010), the children's act 1989, which imposes a general duty to safeguard, protect and promote the welfare of children and make enquiries when we have reasonble cause to suspect a child is suffering from significant harm.
The Policy clearly states the roles expected from The Alerter, Role of the Manager,
It has the procedure for Parental Consultation, Consent, Local Authority Responsibilities, Police involvement, Urgent medical Attention, Allegations against another child, Referarls by members of the public,Managing Allegations against staff, Confidentiality, Support, Suspension
Livability has a thorough recruitment process where a dbs is completed on new staff and references are followed up, an intense induction period where all new staff will gain knowledge and be made aware of company policies and procedures.
The services i work in does not employ or house   anyone under the age of 18 years old, however we make all our staff aware of the safeguarding of children as family members often visit.
The organisation also has many schools and children homes.

2.1 - The " Working Together to Safeguard Children (2010) has defined abuse into 4 sections-
Physical Abuse - This could be anything that causes Physical harm to a child, this maybe from hitting, shaking, throwing, scalding,or if the parents/carers deliberately induces illness into a child.
signs or symptoms for Physical abuse could be bruising, broken bones, repeated unexplained injuries, a large number of scars on the body, incontinence.
Emotional Abuse - this could be persistent emotional maltreatment of a child which can have an effect on the child's...