Level 3

2.5 Explain how to manage disagreements with children,young people and adults.

It is quite common you will be in a middle of a conflict one day.In this situation you have to be very diplomkatic and try to solve the problem.Children from a young age need to be made aware that having occasional agurment and disagreemments, falling out with friends is normal when growing up. It is extremley imporatnt to listen to the child about the cause of the conflict and why it took place in the first place.If a child thinks you are not listening to them or not giving your full attention to them, they then will get more upset and angry.Especially when working in a school setting it is imporatnt that children feel safe and protected from any harm.But at the same time also helping them to manage their ow conflicts and disiagreements.
When a conflict has taken place between adults it is imporatnt to show sensitivity and try to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Because the longer you leave it the harder it will become to overcome.Adults often misread information which can lead to conflicts and disagreements.
Mainly a conflict occurs when there is a lack of communication between people. The best way in which to overcome this poor communication is to sit down and talk about the problem and then find a solution to to move on from it.When such a problem arises it is best to deal with it to the person involved and not to talk to other people about the conflict as this will cause further problems.
Some adults may have differnet ideas and suggestions about certain things,it is always best to check the way in which things are to be done.As differnet settings have differnet ways of doing things,if a person goes in to setting doing what they want ans not what the setting epects of them,then this will cause conflict among collegues.