Level 3 Social Care

Standard 1- understand the principles and values essential for working with children and young people

Area of knowledge 1 - principles and values

Witness statement #2 I chose to work at Bryn Melyn to help and actively assist in the recovery of young people that have suffered from a range of abuses including neglect and sexual. I strongly believe that all children should have a equal start in life via means of a safe environment in which to learn and develop themselves into valued members of our society and by assisting and ensuring that their education, life skills and medical recovery are met. I will ensure that I do this by ensuring that my young person attends all schooling, therapy sessions, medical appointments, activities on time and with my support.
Codes of practice are a list of statements that describe the standards of professional conduct that we as care workers must work to which will assist the delivery of good standard throughout.
The codes of practice we adhere to are OFSTED which is the official body for England and the CCIW which is the official body for Wales
Code of practice example - we must as care workers protect the right and promote the interests   of service users and cares.
Code of practice example - we will be accountable for the quality of our work and take responsibility for maintaining and improving our knowledge and skills. I do this by regularly attending team meetings and staff training.
young person may understand that we will - respect their rights while trying to ensure that their behaviour does not harm themselves or others, I will do this by supporting them as they go about their daily activities and should an activity not go as planned due to an incident I may intervene and redirect my young person and during a life space interview we would discuss and plan a different strategy for when they feel the way they did which caused the incident. I would record this information and share it with my team members and...