Level 3 Health and Social Care

Outcome 1
Some Individuals who have communication difficulties need support to enable them to express themselves effectively. therefore it is important for support workers to be aware of the individuals preferred method of communication and to also support that individual to use the method to the best of their ability. Every Individual has the right to communicate using their chosen method and their choice should be acknowledged and respected when supporting them. Communication is a basic human right. Without communication it the individual may be unable to exceed use their wishes   and rights.

As a support worker it is your role and responsibility to support individuals to express themselves effectively. The way in which you can do this is by assessing their needs and accessing information regarding their communication needs to provide the appropriate support, aids or equipment. You may also be working with others to help the individual communicate to the best of their ability and by monitoring the effectiveness of that support. Without the appropriate support the individual may be unable to express their needs. By fully supporting individuals with specific communication needs you are able to support their rights.

Features that may hinder communication may include, poor lighting, lack of privacy, distraction, noise in the background, individuals talking at the same time, not facing an individual when talking to them, eating or chewing while talking, talking too fast or too slow, poor ventilation, the room being too hot or cold. Features that may help communication may include, talking slowly, clearly and concisely, eliminating any background noise, turning the TV/radio off or down, facing an individual whilst talking or being talked too, not talking at the same time as another person and being in a temperature controlled environment.

An individual may use a form of communication that is not based on a formal language system because...