Level 3 Construction - Project Management - Assignment

Part 1 2
Task 1 – Stages of the Construction Process 2
Task 2 – Physical and Human Resources 8
Task 3 – Roles of Management, Planning and Production 9
Task 4 – Construction Relationships 10
Part 2 12
Task 1 – Plan, Organise, Monitor and Control A Construction Project 12
Task 2 – Advantages and Disadvantages of Resource Management 15
Task 3 – Usefulness and Efficiency of Planning, Control and Organisational Resources 16
Part 3 18
Task 1 – Project Chart & Schedule 18
Task 2 – The ‘Unforeseen’ On A Building Project 18
Task 3 – Software Systems That Can Facilitate In Planning, Organisation and Control Of A Project 19

Part 1
Task 1 – Stages of the Construction Process
‘You have been appointed as the Site Manager for a new build project on a brown field site. The project is to build a new apartment block consisting of 85 units on an existing plot that accommodates a disused warehouse.’
I will introduce the various stages of the construction process by identifying and describing each stage.  
Project Management Phases
  1. Feasibility / Viability

Feasibility is how capable a project or task is to accomplish. Every company should carry out a feasibility study to ensure that the project can be completed within the companies’ limits. A feasibility study will provide the company/persons involved with crucial information to enable effective decision making such as whether to allow the project to go ahead or be put on hold.   The company must consider technological, economic, legal, and operational and schedule feasibility.

For the scenario I have been given, one of the first things to check is what the land has been used for previously and whether the site can be used for development. Once the checks have taken place, we can take steps in order to make the land safe (non-harmful/stable) to enable us to start the construction process.   We know this site has been used as a disused warehouse, but what was the...