Level 3 Childcare Unit 1

Unit 1: Task 1
Understand patterns of children’s development from birth to 8 years

1.1 Explain expected children’s development from birth to 5 years
Cognitive, neurological and brain development:
Birth to two years
From birth to four months they begin to explore the world by mouthing objects. They are also able to turn head to look towards sound and also able to follow moving toys with their eyes. They are able to recognise family members and also able to make simple associations for example if they cry they will get picked up and they begin to expect feeding at regular intervals. By five to eight months they begin to seek stimulation and they also explore by touching, shaking and tasting objects. They begin to explore own body with hands and mouth and discover objects exist even when out of sight and they will watch and look for hidden toy. They also begin to explore cause and effect of banging, rattling and dropping objects. Their memory may anticipate a whole object after seeing a piece of it. They also observe comings and goings of others and remembers sequences such as jack in the box that jumps up at the end of the song. By nine to twelve months the child will be able to hold three toys at the same time and also able to find a hidden toy. They also begin to use an object as a container and imitates actions. They also begin to start linking meanings to gestures such as shaking their heads no and waving bye bye. Their memory increases and they notice when someone leaves the room and anticipates their return. They are also able to categorise objects and thinks about their similarities and differences.   By Sixteen months the child is able to use simple puzzles or form boards. Also able to place an object into a bottle and dump it out. They are able to scribble spontaneously and able to point to body parts.   At twenty one months they know what to with common objects such as a hammer and knows their purpose. They are able to play imaginatively such as...