Level 3 Cache Ta Assessment for Learnng


Compare and contrast the roles of teacher and the learning support practitioner in assessments of learners’ achievements:
• Teachers responsible for planning lesson according to National curriculum
• Teachers responsible for delivering lesson’s plans.
• Explain structure of lessons to the learning support practitioners to make clear to all points for reaching full potential.
• Decide to resources which are suitable for each lesson and individual child.
• Monitor and assess students’ achievements.
• Report children achievement to parents or designated staff in the school.
• Leading parents meeting.
• Set and explain the learning intention and success criteria.
• Set new targets for classroom and individual child.
• Identify individual child or group needs to provide correct learning strategies, materials and resources. • Observe and assess students to give feedback for checking individual progress to teacher.
• Encourage children for establishing good relationships.
• Making clear to lesson content.
• Support children to making progress.
• Explain the learning intention and success criteria to raise learners achievement.
• Provide feedback to students.
• Support children to asking questions.
• Support self and peer assessment.

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When teacher plans the lessons and scheme of works according to National Curriculum, the teacher has to arrange learning objectives, success criteria, suitable materials, resources and the learning practitioners role to understand and use own knowledge of these to support students to complete their activity or task wit using assessment for learning techniques for making progress.

During the lesson, learning practitioners can give feedback and suggestions to teacher to support learning activities and planning lessons and setting new targets. In addition, the teacher responsible for providing feedback and report to...