Level 3 Assessor Training Rec

Task 5 – Record keeping

Learner name:

Simon C Parker

For this task you will have to list who uses assessment records. Next to this user you will need to
explain why that user will need to keep these records and what they will use them for.
If you need additional support please use the training video located on Moodle. Upon completion,
please save this document as “Assessor-U1-T5 – Record keeping” followed by your name and upload
your work to Moodle.

User (who will need

Purpose (Why will the user need assessment records?)

assessment records?)

The Assessor

The Trainer

The Learner

The Organisation

Track learner Progress and Task Completion: This is to see how the
learner has developed and what steps are needed in order for he/she to
progress further.
Assessment Criteria evidenced: The Assessor needs to link the learning
evidence to the assessment criteria so that this can be used as evidence.
Evidence feedback: The feedback is a crucial part of the learner process
as it enables the learner to focus upon what he/she needs to develop and
To fill knowledge or skills:The trainer will use the assessment in order to
plan future learning and see what steps are needs to progress the learner
Recognise prior knowledge: The learner may be competent in some areas
of the criteria so learning plans will need to be modified in order to meet
the learners needs in order to maximise the
To make alteration to work or submissions: The learner needs to be able
to see what he/she needs to focus upon in order to meet the criteria and
move the learner process forward.
To know what to work upon or study for future assessments: The learner
will be able to discuss the future learning goals with his trainer so that
clear learning targets can be planned for
Quality Assurance / Moderation: Through sharing, understanding,
applying standards and expectations, organisations can develop a quality
assurance and expectations...