Level 2

Assignment 008

Task A

1:children’s act 1098/2004

2: bullying/cyber bullying
safeguarding and protecting and procedures for reporting.
Agency name (involved in safeguarding children and young people)     | Role of the agency (in own work place)     |
Social services     | Keeping the managers updated with incidents regarding the children’s families.     |
Health visitors     | To communicate with staff and parents regarding all health and upbringing related information.     |

Types of child abuse     | Three characteristics for each type of child abuse     |
Physical       | bruising   burns broken bones.     |
Emotional     | Afraid Anxious Unworthy     |
Sexual     | Sexually transmitted deceases pregnancy   withdrawn.     |
Neglect     | Hungery dirty clothes Unsafe Alone     |
Bullying       | Socially withdrawn Sensitive Depressed     |

Concerns that a colleague is:     | Description of the action to be taken in response.       |
Failing to comply with safeguarding procedures     | Concerns should be reported to management as soon as possible.     |
Harming,abusing or bullying a child or young person     | You must act on suspicions to protect the child and inform management straight away.     |

All information with regards to children should always be confidential stated in the data protection act 1998. All information should be stored appropriately in locked draws. Information should never be passed to any third parties, if spoken to in confidence by a parent all information should be recorded correctly following the settings procedures.
Any information given out is a breach of confidentiality it should only ever be passed on, on a need to know basis i.e.: to staff who deals with the child’s health,well-being,welfare or protection.

Task B

Common childhood illnesses     | Signs and symptoms     | Actions to take     |
Chicken pox     | Itchy blister like spots all over body     | Child to be...