Level 2 Unit 1

Unit 1-An introducton to working with children

Soundwell Centre

D1.Statory-Speedwell nursey and childrens centre-Under 5‘s
A nursery provides learning but it also includes fun through out their activites.It can also bring socializing into their lifes otherwise you never done this sort of stuff with the children and left half of them doing something else then they will feel like their different so it is good to keep them as a group. The idea of a nursery it so that the children get the feeling how it is just like at a primary school. This nursery is funded by   .

D2. 5 to 7 year olds-Brownies and Voluntry
Brownies is a voluntry place which is for children between the age of five and seven it is also a social enviorment place for the children as they can get to know other children who go there.It also shows that people are willing to use some of there free time for other people which is showing voluntry work.

D3.A health visitor is a professional person who works with children to make sure that they are healthy and well being.They usually work with mothers once thry have had a baby and afterward, care is handed over from the midwives, advise on feeding, care and support to both infants and parents, provide routine child development checks and have responsibility for child protection issues. They are also able to help people of any age who suffer from chronic illness or live with a disability. They may run health promotion schemes such as stop-smoking clinics. Which this section is produced on the NHS leaflets for the patients. The health visitor comes to the patients and the age range is from 5-19year olds.

D4.The principle of the confidentiality procedure is to ensure that the safety of those in contact with the organisation is maintained and that their rights are protected. There are many ways that help keep information about childrenand families secure, if you are a new member to the setting they will usally run you through their policies and...