Level 2 Supporting Teaching and Learning Unit 201

Gema Mack

City and Guilds Level 2 Award Support Work in Schools

Unit 201

Child and Young Person Development

OUTCOME 1 Know about factors which influence growth and development in children from birth to 19 years

      1.1 Outline the patterns and stages of development for children from birth to 19 years

0-3 years
  * They can control their muscles and movements at around 3 months old.
  * They usually start rolling, crawling and shuffling before they are 1 years old.
  * They usually start to walk run climb between 1 and 2 years old.
  * At this stage they will also start developing their fine motor skills by learning to feed themselves
  * Between the ages of 2 and 3 they will have more control of handling small objects and also more balance when walking and running
3-7 years
  * At this stage they will start growing taller and wider
  * They will have good balance giving them the ability to jump off low objects
  * They will have increased co-ordination for throwing and catching objects
  * They will have more control over there fine motor skills for things like writing, drawing and cutting
  * They will gain in strength and start using larger equipment such as bikes
7-12 years
  * At this stage they will become more independent
  * Their body will go through many physical changes and girls will show early signs of puberty
  * Their fine motor skills will be more controlled meaning their handwriting will be improved and they could play an instrument
12-16 years
  * Boys will go through puberty and usually have a growth spurt making them taller than most girls, their voice will usually break as well
  * Girls will usually have gone through puberty and have regular periods
  * At this stage both boys and girls usually become sexually active
16-19 years
  * By this stage most girls will have reached physical maturity
  * Boys will normally continue to grow in to their 20’s
  * 95% of boys and girls will reach their full...