Level 2 Health and Social Care

5.1Identify specialist services relating to communication technology and aids | The internet as well as other therapists including speech therapists, occupational therapists, doctors and hospitals can give me information regarding communication technology. Other specialist services include optometrist who check the glasses and audiology who checks the hearing aids. Also specialist services include Telecare, Royal National Institute of Blind People and Action on Hearing Loss who can provide help with communication aids. |
5.2Describe types of support that an individual may need in order to use communication technology and aid | The level of support required will vary with each service user. However, it is crucial that some type of support is arranged from the very beginning. All too often technology fails, not because the wrong communication aid was supplied, but because there was little or no support given to the service user. Support may be provided in various forms. Some service users will require regular support and advice with regard to use of the communication aid. Support can also come from within the service user’s own family. It is important to identify the level of support each service user has within their own environment. Family members can be of great help in supporting the service user especially in the initial stages of using the communication aid. In order to ensure that the service user obtains the maximum benefit from the new technology, training must be provided. The most important training needs for the service user is competence in the use of the communication aid. This should consist of instruction in the operation of the particular communication equipment as well as maintenance and charging of the equipment if necessary. |
5.3Explain the importance of ensuring that communication equipment is correctly set up and working properly | First, I need make sure that all service users have the right device to meet their communication needs. Some...