Letter to Friend Level 2 H &S Care

11th February 2014

Dear Sue
Hope you are well, I heard that you were thinking of accepting a job as a carer. I hope you do, as I think you would really enjoy it although it is very different from your role at the moment; there is a lot to learn but the company give excellent training in all aspects of the job. Some of the legal requirements may take time to learn but you will have lots of support from your line manager/supervisors and colleagues.
When are you starting?   I hope you are looking forward to it and have checked all the different duties that the job description covers. I hadn’t realised how in-depth the job was until I started, and was unaware for instance what “Duty Of Care” meant .This is a legal requirement and affects everything and everyone on a day to day basis by acting in the residents best interests, giving them the information to make their own choices on how they would like to be cared for. It is easy to think that a resident with Dementia is unable to make their own decisions but this is an area where mental capacity may come into play which is something else to take into account .We use codes of practice that have been set up as guide lines which include making sure we don’t do or fail to do something that may cause harm to the residents or staff, do things that we are not trained in, or unhappy in doing even if directed by a senior member of staff. The company also have a duty of care to the staff with things like advice, training, Documentation etc. This sounds complicated but you’ll get the training so don’t worry, because sometimes it is easier to put into practice. You will be surprised how it fits in with everyday personal care. Residents need to be treated with dignity and respect and not exposed to unnecessary risks. But most of all we are here to help and not to prevent them doing what they want but to give support with their choices so that it benefits them.
The residents have key workers whose job includes updating care...