Letter to Danforth

Letter of Condemnation
To:   Judge Danforth,                                                                                                                                           Chief judge, High court                                                                                                                                               Salem, Massachusetts                                                                                                                                                                 22 April 2011

Respected Sir,
        I came to learn about the execution of many innocent souls accused of witchcraft in Salem under the verdict of your Excellency. I am really upset by injustice performed by impartial and respected Judge like you without getting proper evidence. For the sake of heaven, I would like to strongly plead you to stop assassinating lord’s innocent children and make wise decision for goodwill of Salem.
Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and when we fail to give justice, it becomes really dangerous and stops the flow of social progress. Especially when the innocent souls are forced to leave the body, even his almighty may stop blessing Salem causing rise of the devil. I believe that girls were just the pretense of witchcraft. Why would Abigail, the leader of the troop run away if she wasn’t guilty of faking witchcraft? I am worried that those girls were able to deceive your Excellency and now compelled us to question your sense of justice. We came to learn that those girls were accusing others on basis of their personal grudges with the victims (accused ones).   I am personally overturned that even the highest court of was unaware properly regarding the actual situation and made decision against the will of the Lord.
  Hereby, I appeal to your Excellency to stop this brutal act and punish the actual culprits for the sake of humanity. I expect not to learn such blunders repeated by the...