Letter to Dally: Outsiders

Dear Dally,
After many ages of pessimistically resisting the upper-class Socs' mockery, you, along with the rest of the greasers, are still stuck in an endless cycle of intimacy and depression because of your socioeconomic status in society. After Ponyboy gets beat by a group of five impenitent Socs and Johnny breaks his back by taking the brunt of a burning piece of timber, you must be frustrated, angry, and perhaps delirious from the loss of hope around you. However, there is no possibility that you could have played a role in Johnny's death. If you did not send my kid brother and Johnny to your hideout at the abandoned church, then they would most likely be prosecuted for killing Bob without a fair trial. The only reason that my kid brother is with me right now is because he was portrayed as a delinquent suddenly realizing his misdeeds. Although Johnny is dead and will never return to the greaser gang, putting the blame on yourself and committing suicide will only harm us more and ruin your future. In fact, you have carried too much negative oppression on your shoulders, and this has led you to care only about Johnny.
Committing suicide is a horrible idea because although Johnny is dead, imagine the impact of you leaving us forever. Ponyboy still idolizes you and imagines you as a role model for the ideal greaser. If you decide to kill yourself, then our souls, especially Ponyboy's, will be drooping to the bottom of our hearts slower than an hourglass loses its sand. Although you deeply desire to kill yourself because of your alleged irresponsibility, try to picture what would have happened to my kid brother and Johnny. As I said, they would most likely be put into jail, and Ponyboy told me that when Johnny wanted to confess to the police, you commanded him not to because jail hardens the soul, which will destroy Johnny's youth forever. You were the only one who made it possible for Johnny to escape a lifetime sentence in jail. Dallas, you were like a knight...