Letter to a European Philosopher

Dear Friedrich Nietzsche,

    I am a firm believer that you are correct when referring to yourself as “the hammer.” You

possess strong and sound arguments and I cannot deny that you possess some characteristics of a

genius. However, I believe that your harsh criticism toward Christianity is incorrect. Within this

reference you constantly speak about the death of God. I cannot debate against that, but I would

like to say that you are wrong to put down Christianity even if God does not exist.

    I believe that Christianity places discipline toward the human spirit for thousands of years and

I believe that you fail to notice these actions. I also think that you do not believe that the

humanity status or commendable values are true because you frequently speak that man should

turn into something greater. You also believe that Christianity does not possess productivity

toward humanity, especially when encouraging man to exercise his will to power. I think I

should remind you of some ideas that you express.

    “The Christian conception of God-God as God of the sick, God as spider, God as spirit-is one

of the most corrupt conceptions of God arrived at on earth: perhaps it even represents the low-

water mark in the descending development of God type.” (Nietzsche, 2003)

    I do not necessarily object to the offensive nature in your ideas because you possess all rights

to offend anyone at anytime. However, I believe that during your offensiveness you become

blind by reality and see only negative aspects rather than the entire picture. I must remind you

that insults will not prove anything except lack of valid arguments. I believe this is what you do

when you criticize against Christianity. I do acknowledge that you create valid points against

Christians, but I believe those points are hidden beneath your rant against Christianity.

    “Christianity also stands in opposition to all intellectual...