Letter Home

Dear Mom and Dad,
Nurses here are few and far between. I am surrounded on a daily basis by sights so horrifying they will forever be ingrained into my memory. Men who are bloody and injured come into my care, hundreds of them, every day. Each man has his own story and I hear many of them as I sew up wounds and bandage heads. Each night I cry for lost souls who seem to pass through my fingertips always on the brink of death. Some days when all of this gets to be too much I imagine home on a warm sunny day of summer. I long for a stiff breeze that burns my face while I ride the horses through the fields. When I come back to reality from these dreamy states I seem to miss you both more than ever.
I am well and the area where our hospital base is has yet to be targeted by any enemies.   The few women who share this blessing filled curse, that is caring for the wounded, are much like me. I have made a great friend in a woman named Sally. She and I often discuss our homes and lives outside of this bloody war. Each day we save many lives, however I fear that many of these men will return home broken.   Many of the men we save are lucky to be alive, however many are missing limbs or have suffered severe burns. I know that young Tim will be anxious to join, feeling it is his duty, but please hold him back as long as you can. Some of the things here are unbearable on the mind. Don’t worry about me, I have always been strong. If I become too overwhelmed I will just think of the days with both of you and my horse and be happy once more.
Love always,
Your daughter Jane