Letter and Article: Best Teacher Can Open Your Mind!

Hi Sara
Thank you for your letter – I’m really glad to hear about your plan. Opening restaurant which would be serving food from different part of world sounds amazing!
If you want to visit me in June, a month before opening your restaurant, it would be lovely. It’s really good time to come to Poland because of special traditional picnic which we have in my town then. Actually it would be the best place and an event to make you familiar with our kitchen. As well as trying our delicious meals you can catch a contact with some restaurants owner   there. I’m pretty sure they would be more than happy to help you create your Polish menu.
I suggest you stay in my house, so both of you can easily observe what we cook each day. My mother is a marvellous cook.
Unfortunately, I won’t be able to come to Brighton in July, I’ve already booked my holiday in Italy that time. Thank you any way for your invitation.
See you in June!

Best teacher can open your mind!
Have you ever thought who create your perception of this world? We born as a ‘unwritten piece of paper’. Although during our first years of life our parents have the bigger influence on us, what about our friends and moreover our teachers?
Sometimes you meet your favourite teacher in your early years, in other case maybe at your university, it doesn’t matter when. It’s important how much you can learn from that person. I personally met my best teacher at primary school when it was the best time, for myself, to start developing my interest of learning. Mrs Meyer was a lady who showed me how to enjoy gaining more and more knowledge. I remember that she could speak with us like we were adults, while we were just a kids. She taught us how we can use our knowledge in real life, for instance: even in our way to a cinema,   we spoke about a nature around us, about a maths hiding in every corner. I wouldn’t forget her, she infected me with her passion of discovering how world it is working and why.
It is...