Lessons from the Classroom

Maurycy Lyczko, Assignment 4a


  1. I have good communication skills (presentation, public speaking, class management, rapport etc.)
I feel very comfortable speaking to the groups of people. Especially at the CELTA course I think that is a big trait, since some people tend to struggle with managing their stage fear, and therefore find it difficult to focus on their lesson and stage aims, they lose control of the   class etc.
As an example we can use my first two lessons, when I was able to control the class, give rather clear instructions and create a good rapport with the students. That does not mean that I think that the two lessons were perfect. I think however, that I have some solid basis for conducting the lessons smoothly.
  2.   I make use of the different teaching techniques effectively
Whenever the tutors introduce one of the many teaching techniques, I try to implement them and use effectively in the classroom. It is clear that my effectiveness needs to be perfected by years of teaching practice, but I think that I have a good sense of what can be engaging to students, and what can convey meaning in a good way.
In the lesson number two I had a big vocabulary focus slot at the beginning. The number of words and expressions was ten, so bigger than the proposed maximum (which, according to Dean Russel is 8). It made it important to keep the students interested and engaged in the process of presentation/eliciting/CCQs etc. I have used a wide variety of techniques, like association games, pictures, symbols, role-playing etc. that I believe was quite effective. I risked by opening the lesson with the role-play that was “unorthodox”, and I am glad I did, since I believe it was very effective, and I was able to see how my own ideas can be implemented in the classroom. I enjoy inventing methods that are original, since there is a small chance that the students have already encountered them in the past, thus making them more engaging....