Lessons from the Classroom

Assignment one – Lessons from the classroom

Part A: Teaching strengths
Selecting & designing tasks with appropriate level of challenge
Erica’s feedback on lesson plans & after lessons 3,4 and 5 indicated that I had useful tasks/activities which either get students using the target language or practicing their skills with an appropriate level of challenge. The freer practice tasks for lessons 3 & 4 were particularly engaging. Students had lots to say on the reality TV task & practiced the target language of must/mustn’t/allowed to & in my following next lesson I asked them to practice target language of so, such and that to express opinions about something more personal to them. Both of these tasks were well planned & interested the students & were very successful.
Good rapport with students with a friendly calm manner
After every lesson it’s been noted that I have a calm, friendly manner. I feel this makes the students feel at ease and creates a calm classroom environment.
Anticipating potential difficulties that students might have
In the planning stage I anticipate potential difficulties and prepare for them which means I can respond to students in the classroom and any difficulties they’re having. For example, in my most recent lesson I predicted that some students would have difficulty pronouncing the word wounds so I made sure I knew the phonemes for this to correct pronunciation errors when they arose. I also anticipate when students might have difficulties coming up with a topic to write or talk about so on these freer tasks I ensure I give topic suggestions and an example for them to model.

Part B: Areas to work on
Sharpen concepts including planning & practising CCQs
On my last 3 lessons it’s been noted on feedback that I need to work on my concept checking questions. I have found it difficult to pinpoint the exact questions I need to ask to ensure students have understood the precise concept I’m trying to convey. I have made some progress...