Lesson Planing


Α)   The lesson plan is explicit enough as far as the activities themselves are concerned. The rubrics are clearly stated and the students know exactly what they have to do. It is not explicit when it comes to the time allotted, interaction and feedback of the activities. Actually, if it where to serve as a guide for a substitute teacher, it is not enlightening. There is important information missing concerning the class profile and the method used as well as the purpose for activities 1 and 2. If a purpose is not provided for the students to conduct all the discussions, they will consider it as free time and will probably end up as waste of time. Besides it is rather unclear in what way the students are going to “share their findings” and the reason why this activity takes place. It is hard to find a purpose for Activity 6, unless it is somehow adjusted, and the same applies to the second part of Activity 7. What kind of questions should be asked and who will be the addressee. In conclusion this is not an explicit lesson plan but rather the worksheet to be handed out to the students.
        Unfortunately, the LP seems to lack organization. The activities should be graded according to their degree of difficulty, starting from easier ones and gradually progressing to more demanding. The activities are too many for a 45 minutes class and some of them are time demanding. The way activities are planned does not cater for weak students since not much room is left for interaction. In Activity 1 for instance, weak students are not probable to use the TL and the same applies to Activity 2, when students are encouraged to interact with several partners on several topics. Activity 3 starts from individual work and shifts to pair-work, but for activities 4, 5, 6 there is no information either on interaction or feedback. Activities 5 and 6 read less demanding than previous ones, especially in activity 6, which will be simply copied from the text. Last but not...