Les Demoiselle D' Avignon

Museum Visted: Moma
Piece: Pablo, Picasso “Les Desmoiselle d’ Avignon”

Material: Oil Canvas
Dimension: 8’*7’8”.

My trip to the MOMA was an experience; the choice of painting I want to discuss in my paper is Pablo Picasso “Les Demoiselle d’ Avignon”. This particular painting is done on oil canvas the choice of colors are yellow, black, green, white, pink and reds each colors represented in the painting shows a primitive raw element some may found unpleasing some questioned if it’s either mannerism or futurism. Personally I was taken away with the actual size of the art work up close mainly to have the opportunity to look closely at this masterpiece; the space itself is illumined by the choice of lighting as if the painting seduces you. For the artist himself the complexity of his life is a mere reflection of his work throughout centuries scholars have debate on the essence of his state of mind.   The choice of models are depicted in his painting spark some controversy keep in mind displaying the human form in a sexual manner in the 1900’s was morally wrong, women during that era was meant to be the care takers of the home to bear children only, for women to have sexual pleasures was unheard of.   The background of Picasso “Les Demoiselle d’ Avignon” was mind provoking in the sense of the original title of the painting was “The Brothel of Avignon” each model in Picasso painting were prostitutes from a brothel in Barcelona.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_Demoiselles_d%27Avignon

I think the women represent a sexual charged environment their only job is to please men and that’s all no voice of their own. The painting itself looks like a series of shapes, the facial expression are motionless. The expression that I took for this painting was the look in their eyes were sadness because, I was able to place myself as one of the prostitutes trying to get a physiological   approach to their   state of mind.   One have to show some form of compassion for these women...