Leo Burnett

Cheuk Law
Assignment 1.4: Company Research
Business 101 JS5
Leo Burnett is one of the ten biggest advertising agencies in the United States. It is a company that uses marketing and advertising strategies to promote brand awareness and stimulate demand for products. It is currently stationed in Chicago, Illinois, and is one of the few dominating agencies in the United States not stationed in New York City. Leo Burnett as an advertising agency is most famous for its usage of mascots to personify the products they are promoting, and hence contributed to the development of the “Chicago-style” advertising. Successful mascots created by Leo Burnett include “Tony the Tiger” with the tagline, “It’s G-r-r-eat!”, the “Jolly Green Giant”, the “Marlboro Man”, and “Uncle Ben”. This company’s main competitors include J. Walter Thompson, commonly known as JWT, and Grey Global Group, both stationed in New York.
The company’s competitive advantage over newer companies such as Grey Global Group lies within the fact that it has withstood the test of time. Leo Burnett has been around since 1935, from having three clients at the very beginning, to its internationally acknowledged ranking in the advertising world nowadays. The fact that the company has been fulfilling the desires of their clients for many years gives confidence to newer, potential clients. Leo Burnett is also an international advertising agency that utilizes IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications), which means it has connections around the globe and can efficiently satisfy its client’s needs to be known internationally. Lastly, Leo Burnett’s continual success in the advertising industry is well-known. Its publicity is one of its most valuable assets. For instance, Marlboro was able to raise the sales of its cigarettes by almost 300% with the help of Leo Burnett’s new masculine approach to the product at the time, and this success marked Leo Burnett as one of the top advertising companies.
One way Leo Burnett...