Length Measurement

• Displays PASS icon and sounds beeper (optional) for T568A/B passing cables


• Length measurement in feet or meters using cable capacitance method • Tone generator mode for use with tone tracers • Auto-off in any mode and low power consumption for long battery life

to display on the third line, the messages are displayed in sequence until all are displayed. The ID icon will have a number directly below it indicating the remote ID number. The LanRoverPRO™ is powered on by pressing any of the four buttons. The tester will turn on in the last mode used before turning off. There are four modes of operation as described below. In any mode, pressing the MODE button causes the mode select screen to be displayed. The TURN OFF message is usually the first one displayed. Subsequent presses of the MODE button cycle through the other modes. Pressing the SEL button causes the currently displayed mode to be entered. Test/Pre-test – If a remote is sensed, the tester reverts to the power off cable test described above (Test). If there is no remote, the LanRoverPRO™ uses the length and cable test capability to attempt to measure a cable for shorts, opens and split pairs (Pre-test). TEST and the current pair under test icons being on indicate a test in progress. The results are displayed as messages on the LCD. Because a test can take up to about 5 seconds to complete, the SEL button, which immediately starts a new test, should be pressed whenever a new cable is connected for pre-test. Partial and erroneous results will be displayed until a complete test cycle has been run on a cable. Length – The length mode measures the length of a cable by measuring its capacitance and using the capacitance per unit length (length constant) to calculate the length. The length is displayed on the LCD along with the current value of the length constant. The SEL button changes the pair being measured in a 1-2, 3-6, 4-5, 7-8 and auto-select sequence. The pair number is displayed next...