Lego Case

Where are you now?
- Lego is going through a period of deceleration due to a decline of creativity, innovation and management.
  Where do you want to go?
- Lego absolutely needs to be updated with a new “era” of games.   The game became so common and not anymore adapted with our period.
    How will you go there?
- Foremost Lego has to develop games mixed into technology; nowadays children are more likely to deal with technology. Lego can surf on the wave of this epoch and develop games that would presumably please children and be really attractive for them.
    In your opinion, what are the strengths that Lego could build upon and where is there room for improvement?
- Lego could benefit the notoriety that it had acquired year after year. Indeed the Brand could use its notoriety to strengthen its position. To improve in an economic way it has to change some management decision, and mainly outsource its production so it could reduce costs. (per example to Mexico)
        How Could Lego use some of the concepts in this chapter to get back on track and institute a long-term plan for success, centered around innovation?
- Lego is in a dead end because their product don’t fit with our era… Even thought it fitted years ago, today the world completely changed with the introduction of new technologies so Lego needs to use two concepts so it could get back on track and institute a long-term plan for success, the first one is the concept of generation and change and then Lego has to integrate the concept of evolution so it could get creative and launch new products years after years.