Legislative Requirements

 Identify the key aspects of current legislative requirements and codes of practice relevant to teaching with specific focus on your subject area.
 Include reference to the background theory; apply the Harvard system to reference the quotes and information you have accessed from other sources.
In my role current role as Teachers Assistant/ Mother tongue teacher, I am required to understand various current legislation, policies and procedures. We have these in place as guidelines to follow as they protect us as teachers and also protect our learners.
When I first started I was responsible for reading and learning all relevant legislation and codes of practise and most importantly acting up on these rulings.
There are many more legislations that I have to be aware of while teaching. It is important that I keep up to date with these legislations and part of my responsibility is to make sure that they are been adhered to and I know what procedure to follow.
Date Protection Act (1988):   Each learner that I have will have their own file which holds personal and confidential information (address, contact details and medical history). These files are kept in a cabinet which is locked in the main office.   We as an organisation must notify   ‘The Information commissioner office’ ICO;   information we hold about our learners as they report directly to the parliament. It states on their website ‘’Failure to notify is a criminal offence’’.
It is also possible for a learner to see what information all organisation hold about them as long as they follow the procedure. For example HM Revenue state ‘You should address your request to the 'Data Protection Officer', and you must include enough details to enable us to verify your identity and locate the relevant information’. There is also a timeframe that the organisation follow as ICO state ‘A data controller has 40 calendar days in which to provide the requested data’
Health & Safety Act: The Education (School...