Legislative Framework - Vulnerable Adults

Legislative Framework - Vulnerable Adult

1.3   Explain the legislative framework for safeguarding vulnerable adult
There is a range of legislation and guidance in place to ensure that all public and statutory agencies deliver services to vulnerable persons in line with government policies and long standing legislation.
The legislation for adult safeguarding stipulates local authorities’ responsibilities and those with whom they work, to protect adults at risk of neglect. The provisions require the local authority to:

  1. Carry out enquiries into suspected cases of abuse or neglect.
  2. Establish safeguarding adults boards in their area, these boards will develop shared strategies for safeguarding and report to their local communities on their progress.

Any adult at risk of abuse, exploitation or neglect should be able to access support to enable them to live a life free from violence and abuse. These procedures detail the processes that must be followed in event of a suspicion or allegation that a vulnerable adult is at risk of abuse exploitation or neglect. The procedures do not cover other responses to their needs. They are a vital part of a range of prevention support and protection services offered to meet the needs of vulnerable adults their families and care givers.

The purpose of regional procedural guidance is to ensure a coordinated and standardized approach by all those who work with vulnerable persons to establish the principles of good practice in this important area of work.
The most recent guidance has identified the need to establish a framework to ensure that there is:

‘a coherent policy for the protection of vulnerable adults at risk of abuse and a consistent and effective response to any circumstances giving ground for concern or formal complaints or expressions of anxiety. The agencies’ aim should be to prevent abuse where possible but if the preventive strategy fails, agencies should ensure that robust procedures are in...