Legendary Love Movie Review

Before I watch the movie, I thought it won't be good because I thought
Malay movies are not well made and I have watched a few Malay films and
they are way far from being good. But this one turned out to be different. I
have to admit this contains the right elements of good and watchable film.
Firstly, the camera angles and shots used are brilliant. For example, when
the main actor fights the bad people in the village, in that scene, when he
kicks one of the bad guys in the face, it was shot from the low angle, so
that the audience can see the sky and how he kicks the guy in the face and
how he falls down. This is not a usual shot for a fighting scene and gives
us a different taste. The background music is excellent with the mixture
of western and Malay traditional music. When fighting or love scenes, the
background music perfectly fits the scenes that the audience can feel the
feelings that the movie is trying to show. Even though I have watched only
half of the movie, I can learn Malay culture and kingdoms from those days.
The audience can see the dressing style, how Malay kingdom works and
Malay urban life.
It has good cinematography too. The view and scenery in the movie was
spectacular and beautifully done. The harbor, lake, river and forest scenery
was superbly done. This is something to me that's up to international
standards. The leaves falling down on the rock scene like something from
a Hollywood Fantasy story. Foreshadowing and symbolism are involved
in this film. At the very start of the film, the main actress was in the maze,
which to me, it symbolizes and foreshadows her confusion. It could be
that she wants the main actor so badly but she is in dilemma of whether
to choose the love of her life or marry the King and save her people. And
also when the King was having the conversation of pearl and beads with
his men, they said that a pearl is a pearl and beads can never be pearls.
So the King makes this evil laughs. This...