Legalizing Marijuana

Your paper pretty much is about that marijuana should be legalized in the California.
That marijuana isn’t as bad as people think it is. Also that if people were to actually try it they would realize its not that bad. Finally, that like everything in the world, there are pros and cons.
The phrase that I liked the most was,” I’ve done the research. It’s just a drug. It grows just like that. And if you happen to catch it on fire…” I like this the most because I feel the same way. It is just a plant, and they have more dangerous objects like cigarettes and alcohol legal. Why not marijuana also?
The ideas that I believed weren’t really talked about was that there are way more pros than cons. That if they were to legalize it would help the economy, police catch other criminals and other advantages. I would want to hear some examples of how marijuana isn’t really that bad.
The generative center of energy for this paper is legalization of marijuana. The whole paper surrounds this topic and is based off it. I liked this paper a lot because I feel the same way. Yes marijuana is all good but isn’t all bad either. They have other dangerous legal things out there. They should just legalize it and make a profit off of it. The tone is serious and straightup. She gets straight to the point and how she feels about it. This tone generates interest because it starts quickly and people read it and are attracted to it.