Legal Risk and Opportunity in Employment

Legal Risk and Opportunity in Employment
Marlena Timins
Law 531
Ivy Voss
November 2, 2009

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interoffice memorandum
to: Ivy N. Voss
from: Marlena Timins
subject: Legal risk and opportunity in employment
date: [ 11/2/2009 ]

Legal Risk and Opportunity in Employment
The purpose of this paper is analyze three employement law situations that were encountered during the course of business at Newcorp. The memo will discuss the rights and responsibilities of Newcorp as an employer as well as the responsibilities of employees.
Legal Encounter/Question #1
According to the syllabus, Newcorp hired Pat Gray to manage real property in Vermont. Pat Gray's primary responsibilities were related to maintaining leased office space. Pat managed a staff of 51 employees and lower level managers. Pat also dealt directly with commercial tenants who leased space from Newcorp. To accept the position at Newcorp Pat Gray relocated from a city that was approximately 300 miles from his prvious home, he moved his spouse, children, sold his old house and bought a new one in Vermont, and his spouse had to quit her job to seek a new job...