Legal Considerations

This specific instruction is necessary for a number of reasons. I think without these instructions human services would be complete chaos. Certain instructions are created for the purpose of building an organization that is structured and coordinated. Without these specific instructions personnel in human services may make decisions based strictly on their personal feelings. Instead, an organization would be more successful by obeying all laws. If a human services worker was to neglect such instructions they may be unintentionally harming the overall mission of the organization. Ethical decisions must be made to contribute to the success of an organization. For example, in my future work in the human services field it will be important for me to follow all instructions to provide the best service to my clients. If I were to act based on my personal feelings I may not be capable of successfully making ethical decisions.   This instruction tells me that the relationship between law and ethics is crucial to human service leadership and the organization. When I think of ethics I think of law. Laws are made to ensure ethical decisions are made instead of making a decision that is based on personal feelings which could prevent success in an organization. For example, when I work with human services there will be laws that I must follow. I may not always agree with some laws because of personal feelings but it is important for me to still follow the laws. Laws are created to ensure ethical conduct is always used in organizations.