Zhaozhao Li
Professor Susan Browne
English 122
23 August, 2011
In the memoir Shooting Dad, Sarah Vowell told us the story between her dad and herself. *I don’t think Sarah’s family is either happy or unhappy. The family is just normally having some misunderstanding between members. The story is about Sarah’s process of understanding her father in years, with both happiness and unhappiness.
It is hard to understand our previous generation – our parents - especially during our young ages. Is it possible for a 6-year-old little girl to realize and understand the fascination part of firearms? Most girls growing up like a typical girl probably won’t, like Sarah:
“It felt like it just went off by itself, as if I had no say in the matter, as if the gun just had this need. The sound it made was as big as God. I t kicked little me back to the ground like a bully, like a foe. I hurt. I don’t know if I dropped it or just handed it back over to my dad, but I do know that I never wanted to touch another one again.”
There are not many girls like Sarah’s twin sister, who has spent a lot of times with her father while growing up, and enjoys the same thing with her father. As a male, I would like to consider guns as men’s staff. It’s not usual for a little girl playing with a real gun; even it’s really cool to play with. Somehow, a boy in the same age may also be scared by the huge sound and the power of the shooting gun. In my opinion, it’s never a good idea to let such a young child play with real guns.
As written in the memoir, we know that Sarah was interested in arts, and Sarah’s father was interested in firearms. And both of them reject to get in each other’s area. They had never talked with other deeply for years and years. In a society requires people to be a strong independent person, relationship between families members is very easy to be weakened. In such society, people hardly try to understand others on their own. If Sarah was the only child in...