Left Brained or Right Brained?

Although subjective and limiting the idea of being “left or right brained” is actually very accurate. The most common placement is that a left-brained person would be brainy and love math and a right-brained person would be artsy and creative. Even though these assumptions might be correct there are many other characteristics that would classify someone as being left or right-brained.
I would consider myself a mainly right-brained person for many reasons. For example, I enjoy taking risks, being spontaneous, and I make decisions based more on intuition and logic. When it comes to right and wrong I first judge the situation instead of having set rules for all situations. Creativity comes naturally to me whereas it is a big effort to do things like math, which does not come easily to me. When you look at my room you would see a mess but I see organization. Right-brained people often have different ways of putting things together that may not make sense to others, for example a room or a desk. Other characteristics of a right-brained person that I poses are having music playing while working and being flexible with plans.
On the other hand, I have some left-brained characteristics as well such as, being skilled in communication and thinking logically. I am a rational thinker and I like to do things in a timeline. I am very organized and must always have a to-do list. Left-brained people also are more critical of people’s character and are less gullible than a right-brained person would be.
In my opinion, no person can be completely right-brained or left-brained, in my case I think I am about 70% right-brained and about 30% left-brained.