Left Behind

Left Behind: Earth’s Last Days

Melaina Ortiz-Hill

Sheryl Ruszkiewicz

Composition I – 1/15/2012

Baker College of Allen Park

[Left Behind: Earth’s Last Days]
            In one catastrophic moment, millions of people around the world disappear. Suddenly vehicles start to careen out of control, unusual events start to happen and people become terror stricken as their loved ones seem to vanish right before their eyes. In the midst of all the chaos and devastation a pilot named Rayford Steele searches for his family and the truth. As devastating as the disappearances have become the darkest days are still to come as the apocalypse has just begun for those that have been left behind.
            The Left Behind book is the first of many in the series that are based on the Holy Bible book of Revelations. It centers on those who are non believers that have been left behind after the Rapture has taken place. After millions of people suddenly start to disappear, those that are left start to wonder what has happened and start to search for loved ones. Those that are Left Behind are Rayford Steel who is a pilot and his daughter Chloe, Bruce Barnes who is a Pastor, Cameron “Buck” Williams a journalist and Nicolae Carpathia a Romanian Politician.
            The Left Behind series speaks prophecy to many Christians, believing the end of days are nearing and the Lord Jesus Christ shall return to claim his children and take them up in the Rapture. For many Christians what happens after the Raptures takes place, the Left Behind series is telling how many are imaging it to be. There will chaos, terror and a lot hurt going on and many in my opinion will start to believe but by that time they do it will be too late. After the Rapture takes place there is supposed to three and a half years of pure torture and fear and three and a half years of the world getting its peace back. There is only one that really knows when the Rapture shall...