By Dr. Mbeche 10th July 2012 9.00am-1.00pm

These are ways, techniques that define how things have to be done. They involve mechanisms and strategies of allocating, mobilizing, distribution and utilization of resources and opportunities.
Why is mobilization, allocation, distribution and utilization very significant? We want to ensure efficiency at the end.
When we talk about education, what comes into mind? Ken, Skills, Attitudes, Values, Competencies, Ethics to facilitate change, transformation. Education facilitates levels of development. Investment in education involves deliberate decisions from human beings to invest in themselves through acquiring of fundamental and functional ken, skills, and moral values to enhance the process of social, political and economic transformation, reorganization, reorientation of structures and to improve the quality of human life.
Education and Training improves the productive and efficient capacity of a human resource or individual; increased productivity and efficiency are key variables in determining the rate of social, political and economic progress and development.

The main concern of any country is to accelerate all forms of development-social, political and economic so as to improve and sustain quality human life. Thus, we are able to access quality water, medical services, transport network, efficient communication systems etc.
Investment in education and training generates private-these help to improve self, and social benefits in the future, hence being able to reduce crime rates, have accountable leaders etc.
Thus all these have to be planned.

What is Planning and what is it all about?
A plan is a systematic, rational organization of intentions made so as to achieve certain objectives.
It is one that is appropriate and provides a road map of what is to be achieved, why and how?
In general if we fail to plan, we are planning to fail.