Human beings and animals are born with a special kind of skill which is called as Learning. It is the act of knowing or gaining some skill that is new to an individual. Everything that we have done, currently doing and will be doing is acquired by going to the process of learning. We can learn something by either someone will teach us this specific skill or merely by watching it being done by another individual. This process is very essential in our everyday lives because every day there can at least be one thing that we can learn from our experiences; our everyday routine can be an example. Starting from waking up in the morning, we were taught that we must fix our beds, and then go to the bathroom and we were also taught of proper ways of using it. In eating, we are taught of what are the right manners to be observed, etc.

Sometimes, learning takes a long time depending on that specific thing or skill that you want to acquire. For instance, you want to pursue a degree in medicine. In this case, the person must be patient enough while he is in the process because studying medicine really takes up a long time. Learning during a long process will not be hard for the individual supposing that he is eager to learn to achieve this profession.

Generally, learning is associated with training especially with animals. This process is done usually by training the animal for almost every day. First, the trainer will teach the trick. Then, if the animal is bit by bit learning it, the trainer will give it some rewards that catch the animal’s attention until the animal fully understand that if his trainer commands something, he will follow it. Also, being punished is a part of learning. In order for the animal to keep in mind that a wrong doing must not be repeated anymore, the trainer must punish it.