Learning Teams

After reading this week text and working with the learning teams and completing the assessments I found it very helpful in knowing what my personal learning style is. Not only because the chapter explains what study techniques I should be utilizing, but also where I am weak and need to focus more, to help me through college and in the workplace.
I also found it interesting to learn what my teams learning style are and how different each person can learn. The three learning styles I will focus on are three from my learning team. These are Interpersonal, Verbal /Linguistic and Naturalistic.
Intrapersonal likes to be aware of and expressing feeling s, Evaluate own thinking and Thinking and reasoning on higher levels, also studying in a quiet place and without a group.
Verbal/Linguistic will outline chapters, take detailed notes and can remember terms easily.
Naturalistic will have an appreciation of the balance in nature, with an understanding of nature.
For a team with different learning styles to have effective communication and collaboration a good team leader needs to be chosen for conflict management and to assign the appropriate task that will mesh well with their personality type to the team member and to make sure to keep good communication between the team members ,because we are all online technology plays an important role either thru e-mail,   instant messaging or texting and calling are all communication we should use to communicate with our team members.
Personality types can also affect his or her learning style and study techniques if he/she is able to identify which personality type he/she is this can help with his/her strong or weak points in learning and studying and if team members are aware of each other’s personality it can improve communication with the team.
The personality types I have chosen are giver, organizer and adventurer.
The giver personality enjoys helping others is open and honest in communication, likes teaching   and...