Learning Team

Learning Team
Eric Cartman
Mr. Garrison

Learning Team C
I tend to be a logical-mathematical type learner.   This type of learner can understand logical reasoning as well as problem solving.   I will be better able to analyze and present the facts to my other team members in a logical order with my personal characteristics discovered on the Personality and Pathways Assessment exercise.
Other group members, Stan Marsh and Kenny McCormick, are more of Interpersonal type learners.   These types of learners are good with communication, cooperating well with other group members, and seeing another person’s perspectives and points of view.   I have to contribute my thoughts clearly so that they may expand on them efficiently.
Kyle Broflovski is a Verbal-Linguistic and an Intrapersonal type learner.   A Verbal-Linguistic type learner has the ability of explaining facts and can be convincing in expressing his or her thoughts.   An Intrapersonal type learner can evaluate one’s own thinking as well as understanding one’s self in relations, thinking and reasoning on higher levels is essential as well.   If this student is more of a Verbal-Linguistic type of learner, then the student should be able to convince others of our gathered thought processes individually attributed from each group member.   If the student is more of an Intrapersonal type of learner, then I will be certain to provide, on my part, very clear data on the subject matter to ensure that clear communications will be best understood. Efficient and concise outcomes can then be rationalized between each group member and the project at task.
I also possess the category of a “Thinker” type personality.   This type of personality coincides with a Logical-Mathematical type learner.   This type of learning contains the ability to solve problems, explore ideas more efficiently, and go beyond established perspective boundaries for better outcomes of brainstorming and logical reasoning’s.   I will then...