Learning Style

Assignment 005 Task A
Reflecting on and developing own practice in a health and social care role

My own learning style using a recognised tool
Learning style refers to the ways you prefer to approach new information. Everyone has a preferred learning style. Knowing and understanding our own learning style helps us to learn more effectively.

My own learning style consists mainly of visual and auditory. I prefer face-to-face meetings, seek out demonstrations, pictures or diagrams and I see vivid, detailed pictures in my thoughts. As for the auditory part, I rely on listening to tone of voice and I enjoy listening, or I get impatient to talk myself. I always get distracted by sounds and I attempt to control the amount and type of noise around me.

Moreover, I definitely need the help of a lecturer with whom I obtain explanations; I can ask questions, share my opinions and improve my knowledge. I also use the internet as a source of research, which is now the biggest library in the world.

Producing a personal development plan for my own learning

Skills or knowledge I want to develop – I would like to be a qualified and competent Health Care Assistant.

How can I achieve this? – In order to achieve my objective, I have to focus on my studies, training and practice – attending my classes, doing research works, completing my assignments, go for training and put everything I have learned into practice.

Who will help me? – I can seek help from my lecturer, my classmates and even my trainer. Communicating with each other, sharing ideas and others activities as group work. These interactions will surely help me improve my own learning.

Revising my personal development plan at the mid point of my programme

Achieving my goals – I have already registered myself with a nursing institution.

How helpful was any training or guidance I reveived? – The guidance and training I have received was really helpful as I have increased my knowledge   through...