Learning Log

Assignment 2: Learning log.

In this assignment, a clear understanding of my learning will be explored, discussed and reflected upon to achieve personal fulfilment. Differing learning strategies and theories will be reflected upon to discover areas for improvement in my learning journey on the foundation degree in Counselling in the first semester.

During the first week, SWOT analysis was used as a learning tool to outline my strengths and weaknesses as a mature learner. I interpret SWOT as Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats [Cottrell 2001]. I considered my strengths to be motivation, a willingness to learn, good communication skills and ability to reflect and appraise information at an introductory level. This is evidenced by previously completing a Diploma in nursing; along with gaining 3 short 10 credit counselling courses and having achieved a varied career as a staff nurse for twenty years. My weaknesses were identified as low self esteem and anxiety, computer skills, reading, planning assignments, critical thinking and time management.   Opportunities were acknowledged as seeking encouragement from my partner and having tutorials and study skills support. Threats were associated with my parent’s negative influence based on their conditions of worth. For example; my mother always favoured my younger brother and having a negative attitude to myself as a child and even to this present day. In addition, recently fracturing my wrist and having relationship problems has further led to feelings of low self esteem and anxiety. However by commencing the foundation degree in Counselling, I hope to achieve self fulfilment and drive to succeed to be a positive individual by successfully completing the first semester.

I was also introduced to reading critically in the first week to see if I was a smart reader [Cottrell 2013]. By completing a VARK assessment at home, it helped to acknowledge how I approach reading and take information in. I understand...