Learning Curve Theory

Learning Curve Theory

University of Phoenix

OPS/571 Operations Management

George Monk

August 9, 2010

Learning Curve Theory

In the simulation the student is the grandchild of pizzeria owner Mario. The student is a business school graduate and has been hired by Mario to help him improve on a few things in the pizzeria. The biggest problem Mario is facing is the customer’s wait time between ordering their pizza and actually receiving the pizza. Some customers are even leaving before their pizzas are served to them. The current process that is used at Mario’s pizzeria needs to be reviewed. The student will test several alternatives to try to improve upon the process. Learning curve concepts shall be applied to process and used to make calculations as well as help in determining which alternatives are more beneficial than others. After the conclusion of the test and possible changes in the process, how effective the original process is shall be discussed.

Alternatives to the Process

As the grandchild of Mario and possible future proprietor of the pizzeria, the student wants to make sure the problems that are being faced is solved and that there is a pizzeria to inherit later. After reviewing the steps taken by the wait staff and kitchen staff in the process of serving the customer, it is shown that wait times as well as queue lengths are extremely high. Alternatives for this would be to change the number of types of seating because there are only tables for groups of four people at the moment. If some of the tables of four are made into smaller tables for two the amount of groups being served will increase and lower queue times. Possibly changing the wait staff and kitchen staff might help in getting to more tables at one time and help with the production of pizzas thus lowering the wait time for patrons. Installing the new Menupoint software, which instantly sends orders back to the kitchen the second the customer tells the waiter/waitress...