Learning Competencies

After doing the personality spectrum profile, and seeing the competency results, I was initially surprised at some of the results. The personality spectrum shows that I am not much of a “giver”, after thinking about this, and recalling past situations, I was able to see how accurate the results were. Some of the competencies results were shockingly accurate. The results show that I am high in the area of following instructions. Although I do have had some minor setbacks, for the most part I do my absolute best to follow all instructions from building things, to cooking, and even now with school. Also noticeably high was the fact that I am the type of person that delivers results. Every job I have ever had, past and present my goal was to do the absolute best possible, and I would not give up until I completed what I set out to do.
One of the best ways I can see to alter, my study techniques to take advantage of particular abilities and competencies is to print out every description on how to do an assignment. Due to the fact that I am strong in following directions, if there is a printed set of instructions for me to follow, it will not leave much room for error.
Knowing my abilities and competencies from the career plan will help me prepare for professional environments, because I will be able to use all of my strengths to full advantage and anything that is considered a weakness I will be able to focus and work on it.
I can approach collaborative work in the future a lot easier now, knowing that some of my strong points is organizing and coping well with pressure. Being organized helps keep everyone on track and keeps everything neat and accessible. Coping well with pressure will help alleviate any type of stress, and will also help others that may be feeling pressured or stressed.
The relationship between the competencies identified in My Career Plan and the personality spectrum is a strong ability to organize. Having such strong tendencies in this area...