Learning Approaches to Micro Teach

Unit 1 Practical Task 4

Explain the Reasons for Choices of Teaching/Learning Approaches used during Micro Teach Session.

For my Micro Teach Session I tried to implement the main Learning approaches to

Engage the students. These included Cognitive and Psychomotor learning


Section 1 Visual and Aural: The first part of the Session was very much a straight forward

Presentation with the students listening, asking any questions as we went. This

provided the opportunity for them to learn from the material that I was covering. The

learning/understanding of this stage was measured during the short recall exercise at

the end. This was a simple section to get the ball rolling and to ease the students into

this new area.

Area 2 Visual and Kinasthetic: The second section was also a Visual section to

explain the Trend Networking principles followed by a group exercise for them to use

their newly acquired   knowledge to check a diagram to then go on to further use their

new skills to correct mistakes and identify parts of an IQ3 controller.

Area 3 Visual Aural Cognitive & Psychomotor: From there we went on to use the

Trend CD rom   which is classed   as the main source for any required information.

Using the CD was to show how useful it is and to give them practice in navigating the

structure. This provides them familiarity for later use when they will use the CD for


Area 4 Visiual and Kinasthetic: The last Section provided a hands-on session in

using the Smart Display Unit   (SDU.) this provided a Practical activity following a

session of mainly   paper exercises and PC work. Providing this stage broke up the 30

minutes to keep them engaged in the Session.