Leading to Deliver

Leading to Deliver
Postgraduate Certificate Social Services Leadership

Leading and Influencing Change

Submission Date 1st September 2008

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Executive Summary

Given consideration to my Leadership having examined models on principle theories in relation to change.   Comparing Bridges, Lippit, and Luecke and Beers’ theories promoting positive change within organisations I recognised principles which when combined in relation to Criminal Justice Social Work and implementing Getting Our Priorities Right and Getting it Right For Every Child could in principle work advantageously with regards to implementation strategies.

Comparing, contrasting and constructively criticising my own practise along side historical beliefs in relation to Structural Process and Cultural change identified strengths and weaknesses within myself, the team and the organisation in relation to promoting partnership working.   Utilising the check list as an essential to implement change assisted in the process leading to optimum success.   John Kotters common errors assisted in developing strategies to identify the way forward.

I recognise that I accept change positively where others may see this negatively.   Dislike of routines and structure I find restrictive and prescriptive leading to resistance which I endeavoured to challenge with the knowledge gained.   A skill I will continue to develop accepting work previously done.   Learning from omissions, lack of inclusion and healthy discussion supporting and encouraging involvement from the team assisted in creating a smooth transition and knowledgeable work force. Enabling full participation gave opportunity to address issues, explore obstacles and problem solve.

My belief is despite   highly skilled social work teams the evidence of procrastination due to historical factors can be developed using appropriate strategies and being prepared to address weaknesses, develop skills and ensure...