Leading the Way in an Organizatino


Leading the Way in the Organization

Premjeet K Shergill

University of Phoenix

Leading the Way in the Organization

    No one wants a job he or she does not like.   That is the difficult part of finding a position that fits ones style and personality.   As a valued employee of an organization having the ability to choose the perfect position is a great opportunity but not an easy task.   The trial and error of taking on jobs that do not suit one is not the best way to approach finding the job that fits.   So instead of choosing a career based on what one thinks he or she should do, self assessments can help one find a career that fits his or her personality.   “Doing a good self-assessment is crucial to finding the right career. In fact, it is the most important part of the entire process” (Blaine, 2009).
    Assessments of Personality
Basic personalities play a large role in our day to day routines.   Understanding of your basic personality can give an in-depth view of how to approach your career. Strengths and weakness in the personality can help determine if an individual may be better suited for one type of role over another.   Having a strong sense of openness to new experiences helps in positions of leadership as it allows one to more flexible and handle changes better whereas in some positions where the job requires rigidity being open to new experiences can be a weakness as it can lead to instances of “burn-out” quicker.
Strengths and Weaknesses
Serving in the role of CEO suits my personality style and assessment tests.   Although I have strong traits in areas of communication, and being a goal oriented leader I do have areas such as creativity which need to be developed to ensure in my role that I can help the organization stay competitive by looking at new and innovative ways in doing business.
Under my self-assessment tests I learned that I tend to be very results oriented.   Understanding...